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Convert More MVA Leads



Your Intake Team is costing you money because they aren't GETTING SIGNED RETAINERS.

Let's face it.  You're not closing enough of your MVA leads because you don't have Intake CLOSERS.

Your existing intake department is allowing your qualified MVA leads to walk out of the door and right into the hands of your competitors.


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  • We are proven closers THAT GET SIGNED RETAINERS

  • We know all MVA laws for all 50 states

  • We have the highest conversion rates in the industry AND our conversions produce WORKABLE CASES


  • We will lower your CPC(Cost per Case) on every campaign

  • No hidden fees.  We do not charge you for call times or connecting calls

  • We will sell your firms best qualities and achievements

  • We are honest with your PC's and we know how to answer their most frequently asked questions PROPERLY 

  • Our teams are managed by CERTIFIED VICTIM ADVOCATES--a great selling point for your ads!

  • We post a 95% conversion rate on all qualified leads

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Give your MVA leads the shot in the arm they need!

No one in the industry is closing as many deals as us and no one is signing as many MVA leads as we are.  NO ONE.

Intake is SALES.  Plain and simple.  We perform quality legal intake and produce SIGNED RETAINERS and WORKABLE CASES IN VOLUME!

We use proprietary calling methods and closing techniques curated by the most experienced telemarketing teams, legal intake specialists and high ticket closers to post the highest conversion rates in the industry.  

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How it Works

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How it Works

Get a Free Consultation and sign up with us to start performing your Intake

While Onboarding with you we find out about your firms major selling points and go over the intake questions you want asked and the documents you want signed

You start sending us your leads or incoming calls

We go to work making contact over the phone and perform an intake.  We get you a SIGNED RETAINER and a Workable CASE.  For clients that aren't tech savvy we drive to them almost anywhere in the US.  All appropriate questions are asked and if its a qualified lead we sign them up right then and there.  Completed intake data, retainers and supporting docs are sent to you immediately.

What are the Benefits?

         Increase ROI 
Decrease Cost Per Case

Ad campaigns cost alot of money. 

Pay per click and pay per call campaigns can range in the tens of thousands and most companies want money up front for you to join their "carousel" of decent leads.  We have a 95% conversion rate on qualified leads which well help you lower your CPC and increase ROI.  

Over the Phone or
In Person Mobile Intake

We will do whatever it takes to sign your client.  We will perform an hour long intake call with them and stay on the phone while they Sign each and every time.  We will also visit them at their home and sign them up in person by performing an IN PERSON MOBILE INTAKE almost anywhere in the country.  Whether over the phone or in person if it's a signable lead we will close it for you.

No Retainer No Fee

If we don't get you a signed retainer you don't pay on all our phone intake campaigns.  We work on a pay for performance model meaning you only pay use for Signed Retainers.  We don't charge for "Call times" or "connection costs" we only get paid if we get you a Signed Retainer and since we have the highest conversion rates in the industry you are paying for quality SIgn Ups!

How we 
Get Signed MVA Retainers

You send us your leads or patch in your live calls 

Our reps contact your leads by phone, text and email until we reach them (or we field your incoming call campaign)

One we make contact we will perform the best  intake in the business by phone or in person and if we qualify your lead WE GET A SIGNED RETAINER AND A WORKABLE CASE for you.

If the lead meets your criteria we will walk them through YOUR retainer.  We will stay on the phone with them and ensure that all their questions are answered and we CLOSE THE DEAL.  We make sure WE GET A  SIGNED RETAINER.

A clean well structured intake form will be filled out and the signed Retainer and supporting docs will be attached and forwarded to you immediately 

Firms we have helped

Slater Slater Schulman, LLP

Braff Law Firm

Yuspeh Rappaport Law

Becker Law Group

Yang Law

Frekhtman & Associates

Oakwood Legal Group

Panish Shea Boyle Ravipuhi LLP

McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP

Get a Free Consultation

Fill Out the Form Below to be contacted today by one of our account specialists.  We will listen to your existing intake strategy and offer suggestions to improve your work.  We will explain our No Conversion No Cost system and how it can benefit you and your firm

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